Monday, April 30, 2007

Movie Review: The Condemned

You'll need a few Stevewiser's for this one


WWE Fans can rejoice (or shudder), the third film of the WWE Films franchise has been released. The Good news? It's far better than See no Evil and The Marine. The Bad news? That's not saying much. The Condemned stars former WWE Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin in a smash mouth action adventure in which ten condemned prisoners must duel it out on a deserted island. The last one alive wins their freedom and a big ol' stack of cash. The film co-stars Vinnie Jones, who almost out-badasses Austin.

The film starts off decent, with a surprise entrance of former WWE star Nathan Jones. However, the movie sinks pretty bad after that. Stone Cold just didn't cut it for me. Maybe he was mis-cast, because he did a pretty good job in The Longest Yard. The film's whole message mirrors the WWE's message of showing violence for money (an odd coincidence that the event on the movie charged $49.95 - the same as a standard WWE Pay Per View).

If you're not a WWE fan, steer clear of this one. Too many shaky camera angles made me quite dizzy. The acting was quite bad. The action was the bright spot, so if you are a WWE fan, its worth a rental at best.

Note to WWE Films, hire directors who are worth a damn!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Damon and Klitts Two Cents gets reviewed!

This weekend, Damon and Klitts' two cents was reviewed by Podcaster Who's Who Review of Podcasts. They recorded a 4 minute review of the show, as well as even doing an i.d. tag for us! These guys are really great, so a shoutout is in order for Bruce C., who reviewed the Two Cents Podcast. The link is below, so check it out!

Damon and Klitts' two cents REVIEW on Podcaster who's who

Friday, April 27, 2007

Episode 32: A Change of Plan

Episode 32 brings you:

  1. Clickcaster decides to fuck us all over!
  2. Next week- Early show!
  3. Boris Yeltson dead
  4. Randy Orton breaks stuff
  5. Earth like planet found
  6. Kryptonite found!
  7. NBA Playoffs
  8. Damon Kiper brings us his NFL Draft
  9. Buy/Sell on Scientology, Baldwin, and Barry Bonds
  10. Thumbs up/down
  11. Vids of the week
Videos of the week

Spiderman 3- Venom!

Midget gets launched


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Potentially Bad News

As some of you may heard, and most of you have not, clickcaster sent out a message over the past week, and goes something like this:

The Times They Are A-Changing
-Bob Dylan

And so they are here at ClickCaster. We've decided that it's time we cover our costs, and even make a little profit, so that we'll be around to serve you all for the long haul.

As of May 1st, we will no longer offer ClickCaster as free an unlimited storage and bandwidth service.

We're going to be revamping ClickCaster to support podcasting for businesses, institutional use and education.

We're getting focused, and we'll be pouring all of our efforts into creating a platform that you can use to simply and elegantly integrate the power of podcasting, user generated content, rich media and RSS into your day to day business.

If you already have an account on ClickCaster we'll continue to host your existing files for another 3 months at no charge (through July 31st 2007). During that time you'll have the opportunity to switch over to our premium services. We'll have more detail on the packages and feature sets available soon.

Last, we are currently in closed beta for the new ClickCaster site and during the next few days we're looking for a few folks that would be interested in trying it out and giving us your feedback through April. We can't take everyone, but if you're interested, let us know. Email us at: with the words closed beta in the subject field of your message.

The ClickCaster Team

Firstly, let me thank ClickCaster for all they've done:

So, what does that mean for us and the minions? Well, until July, we can stay aboard Clickcaster. So for the immediate future, nothing could change. However, since we do have a few months, Glock and Klitts have embarked on a vigorous journey through the net to find a new home. It will be a tough one, but we hope to have all the features that you minions have been accustomed to. This site will continue to run, so there will be no interruptions in this service. We will try and fix the link through iTunes as well, so that any future downloads via iTunes will re-direct to whichever new host we choose.

Why not stay with Clickcaster and pay up, you say? Well, the supposed plan that is hitting the waves is that it will be a 5$ a month plan for 125 mb of storage PER MONTH. That means that the most we would be alloted to is four 30 minute shows a month. Now since our shows range an hour beyond that limitation, it would be pointless to not only pay, but to cut our own show down so that we can adhere to a service in which we are also giving money to! If we are going to pay, we are going to be free to produce a show at our own limitations.

As it goes for Clickcaster, we hope you guys rake in the money while you can, because you are going to lose countless faithful members to various other sites, most of which will badmouth you guys to no end...including Damon and Klitts' two cents.
That being said, if anyone has a good suggestion, feel free to shout at us. The comment line is always open.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Movie Review: Fracture

No Fava Beans needed

8 / 10

If you thought that Fracture was going to be another Anthony Hopkins film in which he is a psycho killer, then you were right. But don't make that steer you away. Fracture has its own smartass identidy. The movie stars Ryan Gosling, a hotshot lawyer on the rise, who is about to cross paths with a crazed, but yet quite cold Anthony Hopkins. Hopkins is driven to kill his wife after seeing her with a lover. He then confesses, and the case seems "open/shut". Saying more would give much of the movie away, but Hopkins plays a part of a killer who knows more than everyone else. His intelligence seems far beyond everyone else's. Hopkins plays around with the mind of Gosling, who can't keep this case on his mind with bigger and better things looming. The end result: a lot of mind games, twists, and courtroom drama.

This picture plays quite well. Yes, Anthony Hopkins is basically the same creepy character he always is. However, he plays it just right so that it can also be a completely different version. Gosling does a good job, the supporting actors are quite nice (As well as a certain Shawshank Redemption actor making an appearance). This movie is quite a good one. It arrives just before the summer blockbusters.

So minions, go out and see this one before you start the Spiderman/Transformers binges that will surely become of you this summer.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Episode 31: Are you Listening America?

Alright minions, here is Episode 31 in all its glory. Tonight's show runs at a record hour and 38 minutes! On the show, we cover:
  1. Our new website
  2. The Virginia Tech shootings
  3. Sanjaya is out
  4. Edward Norton is the Hulk
  5. News of the Joker, and Galactus being a Storm Cloud?
  6. Hulk Hogan now vs Paul "The Big Show" Wight
  7. Dog humping toys
  8. Pirates III is to run 3 hours long, and isn't even done yet
  9. Bobby Lutz is back
  10. Buy/Sell on Kirsten Dunst saying she is "irreplaceable and the SC/Spurrier Confederate flag
  11. Thumbs up/Thumbs down
  12. Caller feedback
  13. Vids of the Week
As you can tell, the show is packed, so happy listening! To view the videos, just scroll down.

Vids of the Week

Batman goes Shopping

Green Ranger Bitch

Happy Listening!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

TwoCents 31

Hey guys, tonight is the recording of episode 31! So if you have any comments, questions, thumbs up/thumbs down, or whatever you want, remember to call us at


Or if you are shy, send us an email at any of our outlets (Myspace, email, comment on this post, clickcaster)
And as always, check here for show notes and videos of the week!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Movie Review: Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Apocalypse in the Food court

7.5 / 10

Zombie movies will always be a part of the film culture. They have been silly, gross, you name it. George A. Romero has been the face of the zombie film industry since its humble yet classic beginning with the ever-so known film Night of the Living Dead. This film has recently been re-made. However, most fans see it as an asterisk next to its original.

Dawn of the Dead takes place in the seventies. In story land, it takes place after the zombie epidemic of Night of the Living Dead. Zombies are now everywhere, eating up men, women and children alike. In Philadelphia, their SWAT team decides to evacuate an apartment complex, with disastrous results. They are then forced to flee. They end up at a mall, where they figure they can break in, block the doors, and kill off all the zombies inside to ensure a safe haven. What follows is a surprisingly fun film. This film almost pokes fun at the zombies. From rednecks using them for target practice, to one zombie having an altercation with a helicopter blade.

The mall is a safe haven, but not for long. What results ends up as a very good zombie movie. For what its worth, this one is far better than the re-make. Maybe I'm just a sucker for classic film, but then again, I don't really see zombies as running a faster 40 than Steve Smith. On any rate, if you haven't seen it, go pick it up. It's well worth a movie night rental, if not a purchase.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech Mass Shooting

By now I'm sure you have heard of the mass killings that occurred today at Virginia Tech. Expect much talk about this on our next show. We send our condolences out to the families of the fallen. To express your thoughts on this, please call our contact line and leave your thoughts at 206-666-5053.

And the New Hulk is...


Just when you thought Edward Norton couldn't get any better, he just did. Announced on Superhero Hype, and The Movie Blog, Norton will star in the next Hulk movie labeled: The Incredible Hulk.

More on this story, as well as a sizable discussion of this on Thursday, as it comes.

Just a Quick Reminder


If you guys want to call in a message for this week's show, have it in by 11PM EST on Thursday. The number can be located in the sidebar, so get to calling! Some ideas for a message could be:

  • A Thumbs up/Thumbs down of your own
  • A news story that caught your eye
  • A video of the week
  • Your opinion on a topic we have covered in any show
  • Drunken voice mails
Happy Calling!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Movie Review: Disturbia

The Good-Guy Peeping Tom

7.5 / 10
For a movie that didn't look too appealing on its preview, Disturbia really takes you by surprise. This movie seems at first to be the classic teenager horror flick, and for good reason. The plot consists of a high school kid, recently dad-less, who is on house arrest after punching his Spanish teacher out. After a while, he gets bored and begins to watch the neighbors via some high powered binoculars. The mom is none other than Carrie-Anne "Trinity" Moss (Although she tends to get lost within the movie). The villain is played by David Morse, who you may remember from the classic Tom Hanks flick The Green Mile. He plays a decent villain. Not to spoil the movie, but it provides great horror and does what it intends to do-entertain.
The movie is not without its flaws, as it caters to the young kids, with the goofy Asian kid played by Aaron Yoo, and of course, less than stellar acting. The ending is quite abrupt as well, and some people live who you otherwise were lead to believe they were dead. In all, it is a good movie to go see if you've already seen Pathfinder or you want to share the theater with a bunch of obnoxious teenagers. I'd give it a mid week matinées "Go".

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Episode 30

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  2. GamerBait news with Circuit City and get your mom flowers while you get a 360
  3. Birkhead the real daddy, Imus, New fast and furious, David Carr in Carolina
  4. Buy/Sell on Carr, Fabio guy for Bobcats, and the Imus racism
  5. Thumbs up/Thumbs down
  6. Vids of the week (see below)
  7. and more!!
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Arnold Gets Pissed

Gettysburg Ghost Video

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